Piggy SavingsChild's Savings Account
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The Basics

Woodlands Bank wants to reward your child or grandchild for saving money! Open your Piggy Bank Savings account at any Woodlands Bank office and begin saving today.

The Perks

$5 Deposit = 1 Piggy Dollar

Piggy dollars buy cool stuff

Teach children the power of saving

- The Details -

Qualification Requirements

In order to open a Piggy Savings the account holder must meet these requirements:

Age 12 or under

- The Benefits -

For every $5.00 deposited into a Piggy Savings account, receive one Piggy Dollar. These Piggy Dollars can be used to purchase items from our Piggy Store*. Visit any Woodlands Bank office to see what Piggy Dollars can buy.

Simple Savings Tool

No Monthly Service Fee

Children value the power of saving

$5 deposit = 1 Piggy Dollar

Piggy Dollars buy cool stuff

Free paper statements

Have Questions?

We are here to help. Stop in one of our 8 branches or give us a call and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.
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*Additional Terms

Program limited to children ages 12 and under. Quantities may be limited and we reserve the right to postpone delivery of items. Merchandise offered subject to change. New funds only. We reserve the right to cancel program with a 30 day written notice.