Easy Holiday ClubSavings Account
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The Basics

Save for the Holidays, all year long. Set up a desired monthly direct deposit from any of your Woodlands accounts into your Easy Holiday Club account and it will be dispersed in October, just in time for the holidays.

The Perks

0.07% APY on account balance

Rates as of February 19, 2019

Have More Money For the Holidays

Easy way to set money aside

- The Details -

Qualification Requirements

In order to open an Easy Holiday Club you must meet these requirements:

Transfers must be from a Woodlands Bank account

Regular deposits must be made monthly

Minimum balance of $10.00

- The Rewards -

At the end of the season (in October) the monies in the club will be transferred back into a Woodlands checking or savings account.

Have more money for the holidays

Easy way to set money aside

0.07% APY on account balance

No minimum balance requirement

No service charges unless early withdraw or close out of club

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